Jonathan Syltie

This is the reexamination and reclamation of a childhood. Latching on to the humorous. Reimagining the crapola. Silliness does not lead to missed meals anymore. The child connects, and it all makes sense. The riddles have no answer, but they are the answer. This kiddie pool has an unmarked deep end. Total immersion is the only way to understand. Nibble on the crumbs, from one billboard to the next. Recollections abound. Hilarity ensues. The origin of everything boils down to growing up in a Midwestern bubble in the South, known as Restriction City. This upbringing, without television, sugar, white flour, food preservatives, birthdays, Christmas, talking animals, and absolutely no silliness of any kind, is the catalyst for the ability to make playful connections in this current era. If an adult wants to build a time machine, and go back and relive age 6, well gee by golly willikers, they can. That child creates a carefully constructed alternate reality. The viewer makes their own connections, based on life experience, trying to solve the puzzles. All of the answers are correct. Everyone gets an A. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face. Maybe it’s just a gas bubble. It sure looks like a smile. Score all the points. Win all the games.